• Muskegon County Recycling Drop-Off Facilities

    Muskegon County Recycling Drop-Off Facilities

    A complete list of recycling facilities available for residents of Muskegon County
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  • What is Sustainability & the Triple Bottom Line?

    What is Sustainability & the Triple Bottom Line?

    Learn more about what sustainability is and the triple bottom line
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  • Help preserve our environment

    Help preserve our environment

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
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This website is intended to be a clearinghouse of information for Muskegon County residents and West Michiganders. We invite you to spend some time exploring the resources within, and encourage you to examine your ecological footprint, find ways to support local commerce and enrich your community.

Michigan Green Communities Challenge Winner

Nearly two dozen Michigan communities have been honored in the statewide Michigan Green Communities Challenge for their sustainability efforts in projects ranging from green building technology to LED streetlight conversions.

Muskegon County won a Bronze Medal for offering free household hazardous waste, electronics, and tire recycling for all county residents two times per year.

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Muskegon County Sustainability Plan

Take a look at our full sustainability plan or view our graphic summary of the sustainability plan.

Full Plan Graphic Summary

What is Sustainability & the Triple Bottom Line?

The word Sustainability has multiple definitions in many contexts. According to the Encarta World English Dictionary...

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Estimate Your Ecological Footprint

Determine your imapct on the earth and the steps you can you take to reduce your eco footprint.

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